Crowded project

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The pandemic changed how we interact with spaces regarding cameras and our feeling towards being monitored continuously in public spaces. In the pandemic, a lot of data and footage has been collected of people through cameras, heatmaps and virus tests which are tracking everyone’s movements and health. Survival and health took a center stage than the breaching of continuous privacy and data collection in public spaces. People were comfortable being monitored for the everyone’s safety but the concept of being monitored has not been a comfortable feeling for people.

  • In this project, we simulate what it would be like to track people’s microbes and their related health. Doings so gives the audience the opportunity to experience the feeling of being seen and observed and their role in the environment interacting with the particles. screenshot-2022-10-24-at-3-24-45-pm
  • In our experience, we have 3 stages and we had to break down the stages each with its own implementation needs. The screens are placed in an L shape to prevent blocking the view of each other and breaking down the experience of the people.

In the stage 1, the participant enters the room and must be scanned for the microbes.

In stage 2, the participants move further in the room and view themselves in the other screen and interact with the particles they are creating.

In stage 3, one participant is infected with an “angry” particle, indicated by a looming sound from a Bluetooth speaker at a distance.

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Full documentation PDF linkcrowded-screenspace

Group: Tyler, Yueming, Purvi