Sketch #1 – Winter Welcoming – Mona Safari

This is my first actual experience so far with p5j, and I have to say, I didn’t expect it to be that fun to do!
I wanted to experiment with a few things, especially in terms of random coding objects, which in this case are the snowflakes, their positions, and falling. The way this code works is an array of numbers, and it increases the numbers that it increases each element in that array and draws a point at each element where the element like the X value of canvas is the array index and draws a point kind of randomly and adds a random number to them and resets them.
Also, adding the “mouse dragged” function was about to speed up the process of accumulating the snowflakes at the bottom so that over time it looks snow is filling the canvas, and it seems the bottom of the canvas gets filled with snowflakes dots and would create a fun interaction between the code and user.

Sketch 1 - Winter Welcoming

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