Sketch 5 – Rim Armouch

For this sketch I wanted my Arduino board to communicate with P5JS. I used the p5.serialcontrol application to have the two communicate through a single port.

I decided to map the brightness of my LED to the sketch in my P5JS web editor, setting 0 as the lowest brightness level and 255 as the highest.





Code Here!


My next step was to try and link Arduino with Ableton. I wanted to use the potentiometer to control the volume or frequency of a sound.
I downloaded the Ableton live app, set up the connection kit, and uploaded the standard firmata code to my Ableton board after editing the boards.h file in order to make it compatible with the Arduino nano.

The method that I used didn’t work, hoping to figure it out at a later stage.

Here are the files (standard firmata + updated boards.h file)

screen-shot-2022-11-21-at-11-14-49-pm      screen-shot-2022-11-21-at-11-15-01-pm
Using the connection kit