Project 3 – Strange Networks – Tyler, Mufaro, Mona, Gavin



project_3_final2 project_3_final3 project_3_final4 project_3_final5Video of Lines (2016)
Video of Arduino and Pure Data project (2022)

project_3_final7lostcity2The Lost City of Eslinas by Mari.K aka MadMaraca (2021)
Researchers fitted some moon jellyfish with a prosthetic “swim controller”.
Credit: Nicole Xu and John Dabiri / Caltech
jellyfishexperiment2The electronic swim controller made the modified jellyfish swim nearly three times faster than their normal speed.
Credit: Nicole Xu and John Dabiri / Caltech
Civilization by Abrar Khan (2019)
project_3_final10project_3_final11landscape-2Our ideal scene illustration named, “Cyborg Jellyfish”, made with Ai, Blender, Procreate and Photoshop

project_3_final12Files for programming:
Files for Toronto cityscape:




Link to full video

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