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Sketch 1 – Anusha Menon

screenshot-2022-10-03-at-5-21-52-pm screenshot-2022-10-03-at-5-20-56-pm

I created this sketch with the help of an example from the p5.js website, by Keith Peters, titled ‘Bouncy Bubbles’

I modified the bubbles to scatter and speed up when the mouse is run over it and the colours are randomised to create a fun visual effect.

Here’s the fullscreen experience:

Here’s the editable code:


20 Screens – Group 2

Group 2: Anusha Menon, Tyler Beatty, Purvi Agarwal, Gavin Tao

We wanted to create a playful experience using motion, colour and sound and expand the limits of the screen beyond just a visual experience.

We created a colour wheel using primary and secondary colours on different phone screens. The user could change the colour on the phone screen by shaking the phone, which was accompanied by a ‘rattling’ sound to enhance the experience. Once the users have lined up their phones in a colour wheel they can tap the screen to generate a sound, which corresponds to the colour on the screen. This created an auditory experience that flowed around the circle in the sequence of the colour.


Video Demo: