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Sketch 5 – Maryam Dehghani – Gears Gif

In this project, I wanted to run a gif on the OLED screen, for this I converted different frames of a photo into code and entered it into coding in a smaller size. In this exercise, I used the old screen 128×64 and set the gif size to 30×30. In this way, it is possible not only to convert images into code, but also to display them in an animated form.

For this, from the beginning, I divided the GIF image file into 27 separate frames and changed the size. For this purpose, I used websites and free software such as IrfanView & and after that I converted the batch frames into code with weblink.


Code on Github:

Sketch 4 – Maryam Dehghani – Swan Dance on Water

As part of a major project I’m interested in moving and transforming origami, in this exercise I used a sensor to stop the swan movement. And I also used servo motor to make the swan dance in a specific angular range that could be change by Potentiometer used in the circuit.

md-2 md-1

Link to code:

Sketch 3 – Maryam Dehghani – Question mark using ML/PoseNet


In this sketch, I intended to provide the possibility of recognizing my body movements by using Google’s teachable machine learning tools so that a question mark appears on the screen when I raise my hand as a sign of question. Finally, I tried to make this question mark follow the movements of my body and be displayed exactly on my head, for this part I used PosNet.

P S: Maybe this code is more compatible with my face because I used pictures of myself for the machine learning.



Sketch 1 – Night’s Owl – Maryam Dehghani


In the sketch, I tried to make the mouse look like an owl’s eye, when the mouse is clicked the background image turns black and the owl’s face appears so we can hear its sound.
Edit Link:

Here are the codes I use: