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Sketch 5: Mufaro

For this sketch, I attempted to use p5.Party to create a p5.js sketch that many users can interact with at the same time, from different browsers. My attempt wasn’t very successful but I will continue to work to figure it out.


Here is the code:

Mufaro Code Sketch 4

Hi all,

Using the basic standard servo code, I tried to create a flapping wing using a pulley system. I wasn’t quite able to figure out how to incorporate a sensor yet.

img-0213 img-0208

Watch the Video:

The basic code:

Clap! Clap! Clap!

In this sketch, I attempted to use body sounds as a tool to erase.

screenshot-2022-10-17-201422 screenshot-2022-10-17-203552

Clap until the entire webcam is revealed! Try clapping softly. Try continuously. Try loudly. Try other sounds like speech, blowing etc.