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Sketch 1 _ Shipra



Sketch 1 : Pop the Bubble

For this sketch, I wanted to experiment with the mouse over function & adding sound to the action. In this case, I used GIF’s to create the bubble, and once the mouse is hovered over the GIF, it pops the bubble with the sound effect.

To play this game, make sure to keep the volume up & use safari for the fullscreen mode.

Have fun!

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20 Screens _ Group 3



Concept Note : The idea was to play with the trackpad, scrolling horizontally to reveal colours as the first interaction. We also wanted to push the interaction by using a MousePress function to conceal the colours and then create a playful activity that would just go back and forth horizontally. This can potentially be taken forward by associating a sound with each colour / key.

Link :

Team :
Kevin Ilango
Ricardo Quiza Suarez
Shipra Balasubramani
Yueming Gao