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20 Screens – Group 2

Group 2: Anusha Menon, Tyler Beatty, Purvi Agarwal, Gavin Tao

We wanted to create a playful experience using motion, colour and sound and expand the limits of the screen beyond just a visual experience.

We created a colour wheel using primary and secondary colours on different phone screens. The user could change the colour on the phone screen by shaking the phone, which was accompanied by a ‘rattling’ sound to enhance the experience. Once the users have lined up their phones in a colour wheel they can tap the screen to generate a sound, which corresponds to the colour on the screen. This created an auditory experience that flowed around the circle in the sequence of the colour.


Video Demo:


20 Screens _ Group 3



Concept Note : The idea was to play with the trackpad, scrolling horizontally to reveal colours as the first interaction. We also wanted to push the interaction by using a MousePress function to conceal the colours and then create a playful activity that would just go back and forth horizontally. This can potentially be taken forward by associating a sound with each colour / key.

Link :

Team :
Kevin Ilango
Ricardo Quiza Suarez
Shipra Balasubramani
Yueming Gao


Workshop 2 – “Happy Accident”

whatsapp-image-2022-09-15-at-2-42-08-pm whatsapp-image-2022-09-15-at-2-41-12-pm

Team Members: Victoria Gottardi, Zaheen Sandhu, Mona Safari, Prathistha Gera

We wanted to create an interactive collaborative artwork among different screens resulting in a unique creation on each screen. The user uses the touch pad and drags the cursor across their screen to create the artwork and one click erases the whole screen.

Link to code:

20 Screens – Group 5 – Tic Tac Toe




Question: How do we make screens interact without having them communicate wirelessly?

For this project, we wanted to have a simple tic tac toe game played on 9 different phones. The goal was to have people interact with the phones, and the phones interact with each other simultaneously without being connected, so that they can work together as one game.

Taylor Patterson

Tamika Yamamoto

Sunidhi Naik

Rim Armouch