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Sketch #5 – OSC + Pure Data

Don’t forget to turn up the volume while watching!

The first project, named “Noise Generating,” was done in Pure Data with OSC or Open Sound Control, a protocol that, like MIDI, transmits music-related data to allow musicians to perform on instruments. We can wirelessly transmit OSC data from our iPhones or other devices, unlike MIDI data, which is transmitted over a network. For this project, I was inspired by the “Interactive Music” workshop held by the “Digital Innovation Hub” in tpl.


Sketch #5 – David Oppenheim

Unity + Arduino

Moving Unity blocks with Arduino

Moving Unity blocks with Arduino

For this sketch I wanted to start getting more comfortable with Unity and Arduino. Working from a blog post by Erika Agostinelli I created a simple Unity scene and was partially successful in getting serial data into the scene to control the movement of a block.

The following video shows the Arduino sketch with both buttons outputting correctly to pins 2 and 8:

Video (YouTube)

This video shows the block moving right (but failing to move left):

Video (YouTube)

A fair amount of debugging failed to solve the issue…and so I have a cube that moves right, but not left.

Code, including Arduino sketch and Unity project (GitHub)

*I decided to add a tower of blocks to see what it felt like to topple them with my simple controller; not sure if it was connected to this change, but I subsequently got an error from Unity saying the port was not open. I was unable to resolve this issue.

Sketch 5 – Zaheen Sandhu








img_1367      img_1368      img_1364
The main goal for this sketch was to understand how to make p5.js and Arduino talk to each other and communicate; by taking the input value from the sensor and reflecting it on the p5.js sketch. Through serial communication, I am using the potentiometer to change the size of the circle. 




Sketch 5 – Cat Mermaid “Ricky” QS










In this sketch, I experimented with replicating a single image in different screen sources.
I studied how to convert an image into a sequence of data and incorporate that sequence into a code used by Arduino to outsource it to a screen. Using class code examples of transmitting data between devices, I adapted it with elements of an example code material that I found, that used another library, for drawing bitmaps. I played around with interactivity, by mapping the movement of the mouse to replicate the same image, like a visual texture, in the screen connected to Arduino.







Rain messaging Sketch5 -purvi


I was trying to communicate between different screens and layering with more effects in the interaction.


explored another code with Processing as a experiment through Daniel shiffman videos. I was creating patterns through coding in processing

Both the codes on the GitHub –


Sketch- 5 (Sleepy head) Divyanka Sadaphule

Sleepy Head 

In this sketch, I wanted to explore “how can I display an image and animate it on an OLED screen using Arduino” After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I used some icons and images to code them with the help of image2cpp.

Sketch gifs –

code link –