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Sketch 1: Magic Bubbles

I applied ml5.js poseNet to the project. The bubbles follow both of my wrists, and once their alpha value turns to zero, the bubbles would fade out and delete from the array.

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I was inspired by the coding train tutorials and the Twitter video that Xuan posted on the Pages site (link

Sketch 1 – Nicky Guo

screen-shot-2022-10-03-at-8-13-34-pm screen-shot-2022-10-03-at-8-13-58-pm


The concept of this sketch is to showcase the different facial expressions of each individual. Initially, I created this sketch to explore the process of showing different emotions on the screen based on users’ interactions, which is something I have to understand in the group project.




Eyes – sketch 1- Purvi


I was inspired with the Eyes project. I have played around with class and arrays. I have followed the happy coding tutorials ( and was able to understand the code as well as create my code.

20 Screens – Group 1


The idea behind this was to understand the color with emotions. The emoji colors change into various different other colors and people with the same one win.


Wentian Zhu / Nicky Guo/ Divyanka Sadaphule/ Firass Khan


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