Social Artifacts


Social Artifacts is a look at experiences that are shared through digital mediums can have their meaning or context of the “now” manipulated, misinterpreted, or even lost.

We all share our experiences on Social Media but we often overlook how the experiences we share become altered with the loss of context and all of the sensory information you were exposed to. Your followers understanding is often a simpler understanding of what you experienced because they did not have access to the same sensory information you did.


Social Artifacts reads the analog audio output from the Digibird and interprets the original audio than manipulates it to varying degrees which is controlled using a Potentiometer. The manipulated audio is than broadcasted to a secondary speaker. The secondary speaker in this scenario is hidden in the tree as if it was a speakerphone of the digital world. This reinterpreted audio uses the same frequency as the original Digibird output but is simplified to only digital frequencies which overpowers the original higher quality audio.

During this project, having been playing around with the birds speaker cables the speaker connection fell off of the chip all together. I was trying to solder the speaker back to the birds chip without luck. This is illustrated in the image below. So solve this problem I biked over to Toys “R” Us to pick up a new DigiBird :S



To get an idea of the “prototype” outside of the box this is what the whole project looked like in it’s raw state.



The Arduino prototype board is a replacement for the Digibird.



The source for the project is also posted on Github.