Robot Chicken Auto Vehicle

Robot Chicken Auto Vehicle

Yashodha, Janmesh, Hamster and Andrew

Our goal was to create a line following autonomous vehicle that could also drop a ball when confronted with an obstacle. Although we have yet to have our robot chicken successfully drive on it’s own, we have learned a great deal.

For a visual walkthrough of our process, please watch the following video:

Q8 Array Sensor & Continuous Servo Motors
We used an Q8Array contrast sensor as our method of line following on two 360 continuous servos.  Our original method was to use the Q8Array sensor with an analog output , however after much difficulty in figuring out the equation of the code, our team decided to research another method of input for the sensor. As a result we found a digital approach that was much easier for us to understand and implement on our vehicle. Although the digital option was easier to understand, we faced a challenge in recording or vehicle to process the commands for stopping and dropping the ball while in motion.

We found great difficulty in having both of our continuos servo motors to run at the same speed. Our solution was accidentally finding a dial on each motor, that would increase or decrease the speed of each servo depending on which direction it was turned.

Sonar and Servo (Ball drop)
Using a servo, coded to a sonar sensor, we were able to achieve a ball drop technique that fit our concept of chicken laying an egg upon a confronting an obstacle. We added a two second delay to add to the comedic timing of our concept, as all actions happening at once was too sudden.

Link to code:

Fritzing Diagram: 

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.47.34 PM