Box Robot

My goal was to build something that people could play and interact with, and whatever it would be should react to people’s interactions.

The project started with the idea of  building a mood box, the inside of the box would show its mood and whenever someone interact with it would change its mood. From that, I added the eyes, using LED Matrix, the eyes should be consistent with the mood coming from inside the box.  To represent the mad mode, some white LEDs blink a thunder pattern inside the box and the eyes become angry.



The mad mode starts whenever the box is putted by its self on the table, it doesn’t like to be alone, it likes to be hold. To detect when its on the table or floor it uses a photosensor on the bottom.

The second mode is the neutral mode, it starts when someone holds the box. During the neutral mode it is possible to move the box to make the eyes move, using an accelerometer the eyes will follow the inclination of the box, two vibration motor inside the box are activated when the box is inclined to right or left.

The case was made out of acrylic using laser cut, two opening on the sides as well as the brain on the top have the objective of letting the lights come out from inside.