Experiment – Eaves


Project Description

Eaves is a meta data gathering prototype that captures audio levels in a room and sends those collected values over the internet. Project Eaves takes this data and converts it into artifacts that can be put on display to raise awareness about sound levels.

Video Link

Eaves – Prototype



Prototype in place at three locations

Inside Eaves

Eaves has a Feather that allows it to transmit data wirelessly to a cloud where that data can be retrieved from. It also has a Sound Detection Sensor Module that grabs sound values from the environment. The rig is powered by a USB powered rechargeable battery.

What the Data showed us


Comparison of Sound Values between three rooms.



Visualization of sound levels on a line graph


Artistic Visualization of sound levels

The data showed us the sound values of each of our three areas to enable us to find out which area was the loudest and which area was the quietest.



Circuit Diagram


Credit: April Xie


1.How does this device respond to the data it is collecting?

Eaves does not respond to the data it collects. It is simple an input that collects the data.

2.How does this behaviour evolve as it collects more data about or for this person/place?

Eaves was meant to be inconspicuous and hidden. Its meant to be an objected observer only.

3.What is the overall size and form of the object?

The housing is 7 inches tall and the wires that allow it to hang from objects increase its height to 1 foot

4.Does the object encourage interaction from others?

The object avoids interaction from others. If one touches the microphone then the sensor values shoot up. Eaves was designed to be hidden and blend in with the white ceilings.

Concept Sketches

Project Context

Silence in the classroom can boost children’s exam results, improve their self-esteem and cut down on bad behaviour, according to new research.