Adult Sky Dance Off

Ramona Caprariu

Emma Brito

Finlay Braithwaite



The Adult Sky Dance Off is a series of “sky dancers” which operate at 2 speeds upon the power being turned on by the button sensor. It features figures made from rubber condoms in order to  comply with the requirements, which will be blown up by the a fan motor and the Arduino microcontroller. This is the ultimate product of this assignment which called for 4 main components of: a button as a sensor, a fan motor, rubber as a main material, and needed to be “funny”. The participant stands behind the set of the sky dancers an turns on the program, by pushing the button they are then able to create a dance that others can view for entertainment.


When figuring out how to create our sky dancers we used videos to figure out the best way to mimic the movements







Process Journal

We began this project initially with the idea of creating a whoopee cushion. And then moved to the idea of creating a phone accessory wind-blowing-selfie-effect. Both ideas were discarded for the same reason; the strength and speed of the fan would not be able to power these projects. We readjusted for our limitations and developed this sky dancer idea.

We began by writing the code to power the 5V fan. We quickly ascertained that the speed would still not be sufficient for our idea. So we bought three 12V fans to replace the ones we were already equipped with in our kits. Along with them we needed a 12V power supply outlet as well. Our prototype ran better with the new equipment, however there was still a bit of difficulty regarding the fact that the condoms weren’t ‘dancing’. So to account for the slow fill-up time, we decided to use the button not just as a power switch, but as a way to adjust the fans at two variant speeds that would simulate a kind of ‘dancing’.

22281128_10214439986936407_104552421_o-1 img-1479

We then had to find the condoms which would best fit the nature of our project. We sought out both lightweight and colourful options.

22279192_10214439881613774_1428237870_o  22312250_10214439881293766_2140255125_o


When it came time to construct the project it became clear that the decision to use higher volt fans was the right call. We found that even these fans were not powerful enough at their highest setting to fully inflate the condoms, and this became the largest challenge we faced. We experimented with cutting off the top and poking holes for air to escape and give the dancers more of a dramatic movement. These ideas proved fruitless. Ultimately we decided that cutting them to make them shorter was necessary.

To further air in inflation we discovered that the fans needed access to more air beneath their base. Using screws legs was effective in this regard and led to better results.

20171005_152632 20171005_152636

Video and Final Prototype

Design Context

We had to successfully embody our 4 variables and initially the most difficult one to include was “funny.” By the end it was this characteristic that the project was built on. We strove to attain this by the materials we chose and the element of interactivity. It at once references the innocent entertainment of a puppet show while also possessing a level of cheekiness and humour to the final sky dance.



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