An interactive music experience, Water Bounce is a device that allows the user to control the pitch of sound through light using three light sensors.

Project members: Sana Shepko, Yiyi Shao, Savaya Shinkaruk


Our Arduino code. 

Circuit Layout:


Supporting Visuals:



Process Journal:


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Project Context & Bibliography:

Water Bounce is a project which sits within the music DJ industry. As technology evolves, so does the way that we interact with it, and thus, Water Bounce allows people to engage with sound in an innovative way. Sana, Savaya, and Yiyi are all interested in evolving media as well as creating fun environments for user experience. The research we did was primarily within YouTube.

In our research, we discovered that a lot of the projects involved sound affecting light, as in the many versions of water speakers which can be seen in the YouTube videos we’ve cited. Our Water Bounce differentiates in this way because our project involves light affecting the sound, which is a reversal of the other projects we have found.

Water Bounce is a literal interpretation of our MadLibs words, which included: water as material, light as input, sound as output, and floaty as adjective. In this way, we believe that these constraints led us to create something wholly original and innovative, as we were required to think outside of the box.


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