Title of Prototype

Group Member A, Group Member B, Group Member C

Prototype Description

Tell us about your prototype here.

Circuit Layout or Circuit Schematic

Create a circuit layout (breadboard view) or circuit schematic using Fritzing. Make sure it is tidy. Export as an image and include it here.


Provide an active link (one that can be clicked on) to your code on GitHub. DO NOT INCLUDE CODE IN BLOG POST. The code should include a proper header that has the course code and name of this course, title of your prototype, your group member names, and any necessary attributions to code examples that you worked from. Also be sure to provide ample comments within the body of the code.

Supporting Visuals

Include any illustrations, design files, photographs, and videos that clearly document your prototype and how it works. These should be your more polished visual assets.

For video we recommend using Vimeo rather that YouTube.

Process Journal

During the development of your project you must document your process, discoveries, challenges, and details to illustrate the specific technical design decisions taken during the development of the project.  The creation of these materials will help you to understand your own design process and provides a vital resource for current and future classmates to understand specific design challenges and solutions.

Project Context & Bibliography

Write about the context in which your project sits. Provide references to related articles, papers, projects, or other work that provide context for your project. How do they relate to what you’ve made? Talk about this as a group and capture your thoughts in at least 3-4 paragraphs. Provide citations as needed and include your bibliography at the end.

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