Project Title
Animated Robotics – Interactive  Art Installation

Project by Jignesh Gharat

Project Description

 An animated robotics motion with a life-like spectrum bringing emotive behaviour into the physical dimension. An object with motion having living qualities such as sentiments, emotions, and awareness that reveals complex inner state, expressions and behavioural patterns.
He is excited to peak outside the box and explore around the surroundings but as soon as he sees a person nearby he panics and hides back in the box as if he is shy or feels unsafe. He doesn’t like attention but enjoys staring at others.What if a blank canvas could try to express its self instead of viewers projecting their interpretations, emotions, beliefs, and stories.


  • Mackbook pro
  • 1 Arduino UNO/ Nano
  • 2/3 Servo motors
  • VL53L0X laser distance sensors/ 
  • LED Bulb
  • Power Bank 20000 mah


  • Acrylic/Paper/3D printing (Periscope)
  • 4 Plywood 30” x 30”

Work plan

22nd – 23rd _Material procurement, storytelling, and ideation
24th – 27th _Code- Debugging, Calibrating distance sensor, Mockup, Testing
27th – 30th_Iterating, Fabrication, and Assembling
1st – 2nd_Installation/ setup
3rd – 4th_Exhibitions

Physical installation details

The head of the robot(Periscope) is observing the surrounding and is curious to explore things happening  around. As the viewer comes in the range of the distance sensor the robot hides quickly into  the box and peeks out. when there is no one in the range of the sensor the robot pops out again.

Exhibition Space

Preferably a silent art gallery space with a plinth. Spotlight on the plinth.

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