Final assignment: Une Sculpture cinétique

By Jessie, Liam, Masha

Project Title: 

Une Sculpture cinétique  (working title)


Project description:

This project is going to display pattern and movement usually found in nature such as a bird flying or a flower blooming with kinetic sculptures. Changes in the pattern will be controlled based on visitors’ interactions with the sculptures. The project’s intention is to build a sense of connection between humans and nature and reflect on our relationship with it.


Parts / materials / technology list:

  • Arduino Nano/ Uno
  • Servos – the amount is to be decided
  • Digital fabrication including laser cut wood/plastic/acrylic
  • Threads(fishing lines)
  • 3 laser sensors 


Work plan:

22 -26 November- Designing patterns and going through a few stages of prototyping

27-28 November- Coding and debugging

29 November- Test-assembling parts together to see if it works

30 November- Laser-cutting the final product and putting it altogether

1-2 December- Final testing and debugging


Physical installation details:

OCAD Graduate Onsite Gallery 


Resource list:

A display table with the size of 2m x 1m

An extension power cord


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