Forest Escape!

Group 8: Katlin Walsh & Jessie Zheng

Project Description

“In order to build trust and friendship in each other as we get into our digital futures program, the university has ordered us on a mandatory team building exercise in the woods. 

What Kate and Nick thought was going to be a traditional hike in the woods with some trust falls quickly turns into something unexpected. After walking for hours we finally admit to ourselves that we’re lost, but not to worry! As a digital futures cohort, we all pull out our phones and try to find a map to get home.

Alas, with no gps signal, the only thing that seems to be working is a strange webpage, directing you to the location of a paper map. You have to work together to make sure you’re not looking for a clue that’s already been found. And be careful, as soon as you lift your finger, the clue will disappear.”

Forest Escape! is a game that builds teamwork and communication skills within a group. Not only does it engage players within a physical meeting space, but it also encourages them to interact within a virtual space by interacting with their phones. By combining traditional geocaching, escape the room, and team building exercises, Forest Escape! aims to get players to think critically on how to use their individual devices effectively as a team. The game is purposefully designed so that any number of players can participate, prompting groups to create a strategy in order to work together and complete the challenge. 

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