French Knitted Necklace and Button

Strategy:  I set out to create a soothing melody necklace that plays a lullaby when you push the pendant.


Originally I had planned this for ttc commuters but commuters usually use earphones, reading or other ways to separate themselves from the chaos around them when it comes to transit.

Therefore, after the mix and mingle word exercise I thought why not make a necklace that soothes the soul and those around them. Why not make a soothing lullaby necklace? This wearable would be great for new moms and their newborns when trying to get them to sleep putting both parties at ease.

For first initial steps, I used the french knitting technique followed by the conductive button approach. The front part of the necklace’s medallion would act as a trigger, so when closed the necklace would lit up and play a lullaby through the speaker.

  • Documentation:

I started sketching out my design and trying to figure out the appropriate circuits:

img_2769                   img_2753-2

I made two french knitted chains to connect to the battery and LED :

French Knitting for the first time!
French Knitting for the first time!
Two french knitted conductive chains. The white chain is connected to a button that connects to the other side of the LED.

Then I decided to just test my circuit on the left with an LED using a push button technique.

I knitted my button with just conductive thread.
It was bulgy and messy…
Then it didn't work :(
Then it didn’t work :( all :( all :(

The conductive button technique wasn’t working for me because my circuit based on the picture above, I was clearly connecting my negative (blue french knit chain), with the power side of my power bracelet. However even though that was the case, the design at this stage was messy and I didn’t like it.

So I retreated to using the button technique with just the button clips to complete the circuit.

The knit conductive button has been replaced with just a sew on button,
The knit conductive button has been replaced with just a sew on button.
It works!
It works!
  • Insights: Since the other techniques didn’t seem to suit my necklace idea, I didn’t focus on experimenting and trying out two techniques as required. I focused solely on the functionality of a on and off switch based necklace. The circuit itself, was very very simple. This isn’t bad for a first start but I did miss out on trying and experimenting other techniques such as the pinch or conductive button methods. (and my poor power battery is no more because of this experiment…)
  • Information sources: I didn’t use any external sources other than the tutorials given in class.

Next Steps

I’d like to try out other techniques and see where exciting outputs I can make or conduct with this.

Making a pinch sensor for the fingers that activates the light when it touches the medallion could be a next step I’d like to explore.

I would try and make this much neater  incorporate actual sound in the next phase.