Explorations in Thermo Fabrics: Painted Patterns and Threads

For this workshop experiment I mainly worked with thermo paint and dyed fabrics that changed to white when introduced to heat. This was perhaps my favourite workshop yet! There is a lot that could be done with thermo fabrics and creating painted prints that react to heat.

Figure 1. Dyed thermo fabric threaded to thermo painted design with thermo thread to reveal a white trail from electro current. (Paint was blue but later turned white.)

I was mainly playing around with print designs but conceptually I was playing around with the concepts of narrative and tried to translate that into this narrative. My workshop sheet explores these ideas based on the questions provided.

Figure 2. Worksheet #4.

I threaded the painted design thermo fabric to the dyed fabric piece to attempt this. Simple at best, I wanted to see the heat run up or appear to the painted design to see the change in colour.

Figure 3. Close- up shot of dyed fabric changing from electro current.

It’s very faint, but in figures 1 and 2 you can see the colour change in the fabric dye on the right side. I was also very fascinated by the different colours of thermo paints and dyed fabrics I could work and design with. I mainly experimented with thematic paint and thread and thought about the heat creating cool prints and designs based on the thread design.

Figure 4. Power voltage used to attach to thermo thread.

I noticed the paint camouflages to white when met with heat. I unfortunately blew my Arduino micro when I accidentally ran a pretty high voltage through it. (and burned my finger.) Causing the chip to overheat on the micro to overheat.

Running it through the the plug directly I was able to see the heat change.

Figure 5. Thermo paint changing white after receiving voltage.
Figure 6. Thermo paint changing white after receiving voltage (not so much change happening in this shot though.

If I were to do this again I would try again with some interesting heat patterns just with thread sewn into the the dyed fabric to reveal the patterns.