To start my design research as the first stage of the process, I closely observed the occasions where there are difficulties in communication in order to solve a problem with my design. For example, I looked into noisy locations, sports (between players, even referees), and also human and their companions (their pets) in terms of call for action.


NotiGloves is two pair of ski gloves, which allows you to make voiceless communication with your ski mates through signals. Skiers usually ski in two or more, and it is important for them to keep each other close together in order to prevent missing each other in urgent cases.  So with NotiGloves you can notify your mates of any trouble or communicate with them in sign language via vibration.


How it works

You only need to press your left middle finger on your left thumb.


Following the design guidelines of wearable technologies, NotiGloves pays full attention to all criteria:


  1. Placement:

Through my iterative process, I searched for the most accessible and functional place to position the nudger and notifier. Nudger is placed under left middle finger. It is because 87% of people are right handed and locating it on the left hand would prevent unintended touches. Middle finger is strong enough to make the touch. But notifier is placed on the back of hand where there is less probability of damage to both hand and the electronic components. While skiing, there is a big risk of fall and collapse on your palm, that’s why is on the back.


There are some graphics on the gloves, which shows users where the electronics are located. This constructs a mental model of the technology for better performance of the product.


  1. Form language:

The gloves follow natural form of the hand; it’s just a cover up to your wrist.


  1. Human movement:

Although hands are the most dynamic parts of our body, NotiGloves is designed in a way that never conflicts and restricts the movement of fingers especially throughout the sport.


  1. Poxemics:

Hands are the most controlled part of the body, because we barely see them perform. NotiGloves does go beyond standard limitation (0-5 inches), and adds little (0.5 inch) extra volume to back of your hand.


  1. Size variations:

NotiGloves comes in different sizes for different groups of people.


  1. Attachment:

Nudger tightens to your wrist.


  1. Other:
  • Material: NotiGloves is made of waterproofed material in order to prevent any damage to the electronics inside of it.
  • Weight: NotiGloves is heavier by 200 gr more than regular gloves.
  • Interaction: easy interaction and use, only by pressing your left middle finger on your thumb.
  • Aesthetics: NotiGloves comes out with variety of vibrant colors for both men and female users, the use of vibrant colors also prevent the gloves from lost in the snow.
  • Long term use: NotiGloves has enough distance from primary vulnerable organs, and it has no effect in long-term use. There are only 2 branches of nerves exist on back of hand which NotiGloves make no conflict with. It is also protected by flexible protective material in order to prevent damages to the body from the electronics.


Design Choices:


Although it is explained earlier in this paper, I’ll go quickly over my design choices. The use of gloves was an important one; it’s chosen to enhance accessibility especially in urgent situation that immediate action is required. Use of gloves also does not confuse users while skiing to take an extra action to reach other part of the body; the communication takes place with little movement to the body.


Vibrant colors and graphics on the surface depict a mental model for the user from the functionality and placement of the electronics. This will help them to better understand the product which results better performance.


For design decisions over nomination of left hand and middle figure please refer to the beginning of this paper.

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