Rhythms of Life


Rhythms of Life is a meditation tool which gives you the opportunity to get a bit closer to your real self and appreciate your being. This tool allows you to leave all the stress and material matters aside and only listen to yourself. Breathing exercises and meditation have been around as long as humans history. We can see it through all religions, and all nations. Research shows that people who practice daily praying live a much happier life. It doesn’t mean that we all should practice religious thinking, but we should get closer to Hegelian spirit as all reality, mental and physical. Hegel calls it collective mind’s of man, and it is through the mind that spirit achieves self-consiousness and or as he calls it self-realization.

Have all of that in mind, today’s noisy society makes us farer from the  soul and that leads to mental and physical malfunctions. Noise can be described as any distracting element that permeates to mind through our senses, which changes our feeling and mood.

One of the old methods is meditation when mind and body  are in parallel to overcome its control and order. Breathing is also another quick method to connect the body to the mind. It helps your body overcome stress, reduce tension, and relieve stress. When you are stressed, breathing exercises have health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, slowing a fast heart rate, making you sweat less, and helping with digestion.

I believe that Rhythms of Life will enhance cognitive capabilities which will result better functioning of a self and extends our mental and physical potential.

Initial Idea

My initial idea comes from my beliefs on rhythm and harmon, and the role these two words play in the whole function of universe. As Plato says “Rhythm and harmony find their way into inward places”, the exact way music works. So my idea was to listen to the rhythm and harmony of nature, and why not ourselves as a precious piece of nature. So by listening to your breathe and heartbeat you will be connected to the nature and farer from the artificial noises.


  • Rhythms of Life is designed in a way that fits best on your scalp, and be adjustable for any size.
  • The form also is designed to mimic natural shape of human face.
  • Colours are also chosen from neutral and calming combinations.

IMG_8377 IMG_8386IMG_8395

Design Process 

Here are some photos from the 4D process through: Define, Discover, Design and Deliver.


photo-12 photo-13 photo-15 photo-16




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