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“Knock-Knock” consists of two hanging wall-like objects that give the sensation that the user’s partner is in the next room, when in fact they can be anywhere in the world. When one-person knocks on their section of wall, that knock is translated to the other object, which emits a matching mechanically articulated knock. Anything from gentle rapping to loud banging can be communicated. In addition to the tactile knocking interaction, the ambient sound in one room is recorded and transmitted to the partner’s room, but muffled in order to give the sensation that the sound is coming from a room on the other side of the wall. The prototype is designed to blend in with the wall behind it in order to enhance the illusion that the other user is in an adjacent room.

The intention is that the object acts as an extension of the body because it extends the act of knocking into a remote location. It enables two people to communicate through an embodied interaction that bridges spatial distances. The transference of different types of knocking allows for emotionally varied communications such as a soft tapping or an urgent bang. Through these knocks the two users can draw each other’s attention and engage in playful communication, while also maintaining an ambient awareness of each other’s presence. The tactile nature of the interaction establishes a sense of physical connection to the remote setting. My intention is that when both users are interacting with each other via the object, they become aware that they are sharing the same technologically mediated space.

Knock Knock Process



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