Nudgables: Gears

My interpretation of the nudgables project comes from thinking about why one might want to communicate across the room subtly, and my consistent failure to do so. I chose to think about the act of flirting. Two people may think they are being subtle, or maybe not even fully aware of how they are flirting in a social situation. However, this can be awkward and uncomfortable for those around them. My project consists of two gears, or, “flirtation assistance devices” that attach to the legs of each of the participants. These gears must be turned in the exact right configuration to send a signal to the other device. The motor for the device is located on the inner thigh, a very intimate area on the body. The correlation of the awkward and obvious movement of turning the gears, and the intimate feeling of a vibration on one’s inner thigh, creates the awkward feeling this project aims for.

The gears are cut out of 3mm acrylic, and held together with metal rivets. These rivets are conductive, which make the connections easier to pass through the acrylic. The remains of the connection is made with copper tape, lining the teeth of the gears and spokes. The gear ratio is purposefully off, so that the wearer cannot learn to predict when the buzzer will sound.


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