“Knock-Knock” consists of two hanging wall-like objects that give the sensation that the user’s partner is in the next room, when in fact they can be anywhere in the world. When one-person knocks on their section of wall, that knock is translated to the other object, which emits a matching mechanically articulated knock. . . . → Read More: Knock-Knock

WELL Patches

Different patches can be purchased in order to access different types of your biometric data.


Hudson, Ardavan and Jackson.

Press Release

“Today the World Health Organization (WHO) introduces WELL, the most advanced health monitoring system in the world, featuring Patch Well, a revolutionary system to enabled simple and personalized access to your biometric . . . → Read More: WELL Patches

Project 1: Nudgeables

The assigned article on aspects of wearability influenced me to begin considering objects that consistently live within our body space. These objects, such as keys on a keychain, already occupy a position of comfort and familiarity with the user. My intention was to integrate my nudgeables kit with a set of keys on a . . . → Read More: Project 1: Nudgeables