Assignment #2

So, i’m back to my 4 smileys and got to animate them using variables, and conditionals.

Each one of these characters feel different… Roll over on each one, and you’ll see that:

The red guy is partying, the blue guy gets dizzy, and the orange one is quite shocked, and the green guy leaves the party…

I used a lot of variables, some of them I didn’t even use, but kind of kept them there… Each time I was animating, I had to make sure the animation was happening in the right quadrant.

The blue guy’s eyes should get smaller and disappear…i’m probably missing something since they grow back and seem to explode but I kept it since it looked ok…Also, the orange face spots don’t seem to bounce at the same height…although I have exactly the same numbers on both spots.

Conditionals are actually fun, you get to move the mouse cursor and trigger animations.

Here it is, click on the image below and it will get you to the actual sketch!

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