Processing for InfoVis

Hey guys!

I know everyone’s probably working away at the third assignment (myself included), but I thought I might start a discussion on how Processing is used to make dynamic InfoVis pieces. This greatly interests me and I would enjoy learning Processing for InfoVis design, any and all contributions are welcome. Here’s a beginner’s tutorial I found:

I’ve also read good reviews of “Visualize This” by Nathan Yau, however I don’t think there’s mention of Processing in it (emphasis on CS apps instead).

Please share anything you find helpful.

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  • Maayan Cohen

    I am really interested in using visual tools to present data that comes from the physical world. I know that using Arduino you can basically get live data from using sensors for instance. It will be cool to visually present the data from a sounds sensor that measures sound bites and analyze the music you hear, so you get different visual patterns based on sound. Would be coold to build something like that 🙂