Arduino Assignment #6

Still enjoying working with Arduino!

Connecting the wires and the motor was like building a small lego model 🙂  I got all the wires in place while keeping the assignment image as a reference.

I compiled the code, uploaded it to the board and………it didn’t work… So, i spent the next hour figuring out what went wrong!….It was the resistor! I had the 1k on, and I had to use the 10K….after changing the resistor it came to life! The motor kept turning and stopping, just like the code told it to…(blink code, and changed the pin 13 to 2).

I changed the delay and watched the motor change it’s speed in turning and stopping.

Swapping the motor wires got the motor to spin in a different direction. I had to attach a piece of paper on it so I can notice which way it was spinning.

Finally added the switch that turned it on and off.

A part from having difficulties with changing the resistance, the assignment went smoothly!



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