Assignment #4

Chapters 15 and 16 were quite fun. Going through the examples and changing in the code produced some nice effects!

Starting with images, I thought it would be cool to have a stop motion animation, so I got a series of images of a horse galloping. Created an array of images so I would not  have multiple variables, and made sure the images change in a specific order when the mouse is pressed. Now you can see the horse galloping as you click on the mouse! Here’s the link:


Working with videos was slightly more complicated, reading and changing the code in the exercises in chapter 15 (images) wasn’t that hard. Going through the video code took me more time, and patience… Never the less, I did manage to insert one of my smiley faces and make it track colors that the mouse clicks. (working with a webcam). Pretty similar to an example, but with a face that I previously drew. Also, I used a function to make sure the whole head/smiley moves along with the mouse. This might have been covered in a previous chapter, I might have to look it up, but I feel like i’m missing something  as my function seem to be very long, with many variables, I’m sure there’s a way to make it shorter. I have also uploaded the sketch to open processing, but for it to work , it needs to be copy and pasted into processing itself in order for the webcam to work.

Arduino’s next! Looking forward to that 🙂


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