Assignment #5 Arduino

Creating a switch with Arduino was quite fun!

The switch I created functions when a penny is dropped or inserted in the donation box. (that I made out of paper).

For the code, I took the existing blinking code and added another blinking LED light on pin 12  to make 2 blinking LEDs instead of one.

The paper box looks like a tube and has the two wires inside it that are close to each other but don’t touch. Once the penny is inserted, it touches both wires and the light start blinking! It would be best if you slowly insert the penny so you would see the lights blinking longer.

The box had to be small enough so that the penny would make contact with both wires when dropped.

That way, each time you donate a penny (or other coin) you would get a smiley face that’s blinking! Another way of saying thank you 🙂

Here are some pics of the Switch.


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