Assignment 5: OPERATION

This week it was really interesting to work with the Arduino hardware.

I found myself amidst a creative dry spell and so I decided to recreate a game that often frustrated me as a child.

Remember “OPERATION”?

(Yes, it’s the one with the oddly rounded, fully naked man lacking genitalia.)

Basically, I used the code in the Button –> LED example with the addition of another pin as an OUTPUT in order to add the buzzer. I extended the red LED from the breadboard and used 2 hook-up wire pieces (in place of the button legs) to form a tweezer tool.

I redrew the operation character onto a piece of paper and made outlines of the various extraction regions using graphite from a pencil (idea taken from Anne’s switch). I am happy to report that the switch is working perfectly; the character’s red nose lights up and the buzzer sounds when the wire tweezers make contact with the graphite (thus completing the switch).

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