Assignment 7: Analog Lab

Using the potentiometer and photo resistor this time was a nice way gain control over elements like the LEDS and the buzzer. For me, however, it took a while to reach a point of satisfaction with my Arduino setup as some of my components were weak and needed constant readjusting…I should really solder some of the more fragile wiring.

I went through the analog lab and used the code provided in the blog and found that it was sufficient for using the Arduino circuit. I noticed that the LED did not gradually dim even though the values caught and displayed by the photo resistor , shown via the Serial Monitor, recognized the amount of light present.

Here are some photos of my progress with the analog lab:

Using the potentiometer to dim the LED light…I noticed it never fully turns off and I also doubt it was being lit to full capacity…ah, the mysteries of life.

Photo resistor in place of the potentiometer…some minimal rewiring. This set up was not producing the best results–it seemed to have a life of its own. Regardless, the Serial Monitor is quite useful, and I’m sure the changeable values would really be helpful to implement in a Processing sketch.

In my attempt to create an original piece, I wanted to use the photo resistor to manipulate the “Supper Light RGB” LED (yes, it does say Supper…maybe they wanted it to say Super? I don’t know) so that depending on your proximity to the photo resistor the LED would change colour….RED if you were close, GREEN if you were within a normal distance, and BLUE if the resistor was quite a distance away from you. The idea was to put the LED into a white balloon and allow it to emit the colour that indicated your physical proximity to the object, via the photo resistor of course–this is only valid given the assumption that as one comes closer to the object (photo resistor in this case) that their body would block out light more and more. The colour also indicates detection of warmth in this way…or at least that was the intention.

This plan failed to be executed because my “Supper” light died…I saw the RED light in the LED fuse out and then later one of the legs decided amputation was a good look. See the image below for some visual articulation:

I am excited, however, to dip back into Processing and blend that with Arduino…much fun!

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