Final Project Idea Revision – Muybridge Jump

In keeping with the theme of re-examining early cinematic technologies, I have a revised project idea based on Muybridge’s early motion experiments, and essentially the first high speed photography. While reading about Muybridge’s fascination with whether or not horses’ feet left the ground while running, the outcome displays a very simple fascination with motion, flight, and gravity. We still have this simple fascination, as can be seen with the popular ‘jump’ images and video that display subjects with feet off the ground. I want to take this fascination and recreate it in a collective space to ask why it’s still used, and to re-construct Muybridge’s imaging with Processing to ask these questions.

here is a breakdown of the steps:

-LED flashes to signal participant to jump

-capture jumping action  (Arduino button, camera button or pressure sensor to activate image capture)

-set length of capture (one second or 25 frames)

-store to buffer (PImage)

-Processing buffer to replay captured images in Muybridge matrix or filmstrip template

I’ve found this Processing code to implement the matrix. Now I’m adding a boolean for the camera button, and working on how the image buffer works. Ideally it would be able to store and replay the jumps from various people and shuffle the images within the matrix. I’d like to modify it in the future to only display images with feet off the ground, but right now that seems like a second step.




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  • Sounds interesting! Some questions & comments:
    -What kind of camera are you planning to use? An isight or other webcam?
    -Perhaps you could play with other triggers in addition to the LED. What about sound? You could even start playing with this before writing your program. What makes people want to jump?
    -What’s the destiny for the Muybridge matrix that is created? Is it projected? Printed? Emailed to the jumper’s mother?
    -Have you taken a look at the video library? It might be helpful.
    -Also possibly of use:

  • Maureen Grant

    Hi Kate- I’m thinking right now that this would be set up in a public space or gallery setting, with the jump matrix projected. I do need to think about how to invite people to jump- sound is a good idea. The capture would likely be a webcam. The jump would be stored as 25 frames, and the projection would draw on all the stored jumps and replay them,
    maybe even randomly mixed (or just the images with feet off the ground). I’ll think more about the destiny of the jumps as I’m not sure how to go about the jump database
    for this iteration. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Cathy Pin-Chun Chen

    I love this project! it’s my favourite =)

  • Maureen Grant

    Thanks Cathy! Congrats on yours too – awesome work!