final_ PWM/Nitinol circuit – success!

*big thanks to Jim Ruxton for help with the PWM/Nitinol circuit.

**PS Jim, I could not find an IRL530 – but the IRF530 seems to work fine.


Step two was hooking a piece of Memory Wire up to an Arduino.

A very helpful read was the MIT PhD thesis of Marcelo Coelho, who worked on the Kukkia Flower back in Montreal. Marcelo’s work was specifically helpful in two ways.

1) techniques for memory shaping Nitinol

2) circuitry for working with Nitinol.

The take-away was that I should consider an independent 12V power supply for the Nitinol and I needed something called a MOSFET N-ch (a transistor).

Wikipedia described the MOSFET as having “a voltage on the oxide-insulated gate electrode can induce a conducting channel between the two other contacts called source and drain.

I used the PWM code from the Analogue lab to run current through the muscle wire, starting at 0  and going up to 1023.

Here’s a diagram of the PWM/Muscle wire circuit.

Now it’s time to design petal power (anchor Nitinol into felt and see what works).

not quite sure what I am going to do…

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