LEDs flashing to the Beat! #8

For this week’s assignment combining Arduino and Processing, I found a really cool link that teaches you how to make your LED ligts to blink to the beat of a song.

So, First I built my Arduino circuit, using 3 LEDs (a red one, a green one, and a yellow one). I added 330 resistors to each of the LED lights, and then connected each of the resistors to digital pins on the arduino board.

For the arduino sketch, I loaded the example: StandardFirmata. I then uploaded it onto the Arduino board.

Now moving to processing, I first had to download the Arduino Library for processing from the Arduino website. After that, I used a code provided by the tutorial, I added a song in the data folder (where the processing sketch can access it) and changed the name of the song in the sketch to correspond to the song I added.

Once I ran the processing code (while the Arduino board is connected of course), the sketch loaded the song, and drew a rectangle with 3 words: Kick , snare, hat.

Each word corresponded to a beat, that would then be translated onto the Arduino board to make the LED lights blink respectively.

Check out the video here for the result! 🙂

Also here’s an image of the Arduino circuit.


You can also follow the tutorial below to create the same Arduino/Processing project.



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