final _ EEG (and PWM)

After success with the muscle wire circuit, I experimented a little. Nitinol is tough to work with – and now I know why Berzowska et al at Concordia went out of their way to get Nitinol with a 60C transition temperature.

At 70C, it singes the felt and sticks to its surface.

Regardless, I decided I wanted to keep pushing the tech side more, as opposed to looking for alternative materials to felt – so I set my mind to the MindWave Arduino hack.  This was, after all, the end goal – tying EEG to muscle wire. I knew I could swap in the headset values for the POT values. The sticky felt would have to wait.


I completed the hack, as outlined by the headset manufacturer, Neurosky. WOW! Success.. very fun; instructive and educational. I learned a lot just by doing — the RF dongle that speaks to the headset is no longer usable for gaming, but so what? it’s now dedicated to Arduino. great!




MindWave and PWM

Because the headset sends data only 1/s, PWM does not seem to be able to accurately map the data to an LED (It does, but with blackouts).

*note: i am referring to a single LED – not the row of 10 in the photo.

This does not bode well for subtle muscle wire contractions, dependent on the current running through the wire.

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