Final Project Documentation

The project I presented was a critique of Augmented Reality (AR) applications. The project is an iPad application that uses the live camera feed of the ipad. I am using an AR library called BazAR ( that functions as object detection in the application. The idea is to build a library of everyday objects that would be recognized by the system. When you place the ipad overtop of an object, the system will detect that object and begin projecting overtop the live camera feed additional information about the object.

During the presentation I demonstrated the project using a cigarette pack of belmont cigarrettes. When the system detects the pack, the image on the ipad will be displayed as a hyper-over-saturated version of the cigarette packaging. This is to imply the hyper-reality of the branding; the rhetoric used to sell a particular product. Using the multitouch of the ipad – by swiping over the hyper-image of the cigarettes on the ipad, new layers and news story headlines are revealed. By slowly peeling away layers of the object, the user will be exposed to multiple perspectives relating to that particular object.

Thinking beyond this prototype I would want to build an ongoing database of different objects and allow for user generated content to contribute to the system. Similarly, I would want the system to begin to integrate not just physical objects such as products, but also structures such as buildings. By expanding to explore buildings, the system could also address the the layer of institutions as well (universities, government buildings, corporate buildings, etc). This added layer to the system could also provide a playful yet serious element to this work.


The software was written in C++ using the Openframeworks library. It was developed using xCode, but I am just uploading the external C++ files. The testApp.m and tesApp.h are the main files where the setup, update and draw functions occur.

Here are the files in a .zip file:
Ftsonis Source Code (ZIP)

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