Sound + Vision: Anne, Nav and Jess Final Project

Our concept evolved significantly since its inception based on a number of factors, the most important being the feedback we received throughout the process. The largest criticism of our original idea was that it the experience was geared towards the wearer of the camera while the playback experience was completely passive. Based on this input, we decided to shift the concept towards making a participatory experience for users, where they could interact with and choose moments of focus of the media that they were experiencing.
As we developed our project, there was a major decision point that we needed to make – do we create this as a physical DJ tool or do we lean towards a more experimental aesthetic. This decision would impact the music we selected, the visualization and ultimately the relationship between movement and sound/image modulation.

Ultimately, we decided that we should move towards the experimental, that this would open up greater possibilities to the user and would yield more interesting results. The final concept is to create sensors that can be used as a movement based tool to generate sound and image art. The tool would make the art-making process accessible to more people and encourage users to see potential for expression in the world around them. This has traditions in the work of artists such as Alan Licht who use strange objects to generate even stranger sounds. The difference with our tool is that the interface we created is very easy to use, though perhaps challenging to master.

See it in action below.

Read more about the project and check out our code here.

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