Note Float! Cathy Chen & Maayan Cohen


A playful interactive musical experience for children We adopted the idea from Andre Michelle’s Tone Matrix, and adapted it to a physical form. We both wanted to make something big, soft and physical for children to interact with and the Tone Matrix seemed to be a perfect fit for what we could . . . → Read More: Note Float! Cathy Chen & Maayan Cohen

Project Proposal: Cathy Chen and Maayan Cohen

CONCEPT A music creation game that allow users to toggle on and off musical notes from a pentatonic scale creating a cascade of blended music.

Purpose To provide children a playful environment that encourages collaborative play, learning and discovery in music.

Intended behavior and interaction: The grid will be assembled as a series of sewn . . . → Read More: Project Proposal: Cathy Chen and Maayan Cohen

Assignment 8: make the bird fly

I was quite anxious about trying to connect processing and arduino together with a sensor. I tired to review week 8 slides and play with week 8 examples, and was stuck at the last few slides where processing comes in. So I read the code and tried to figure out which arduino file that I . . . → Read More: Assignment 8: make the bird fly

Photoresistor and LED lights

Playing around with the sensors was satisfying this week. Few sensors idea

when someone yawns in class, the light turns off =) sensors for water usage; if one uses too much water, sensor goes off and either warns the person or turns off the water. meat and oven sensor: for christmas or thanksgiving cooking, where . . . → Read More: Photoresistor and LED lights

creative destruction

Few components I broke this week: All six of my LED lights (I might have burnt all of them by using a power regulator instead of a transistor, maybe?). both soldering ends of the motor were detached beeper works very weakly

I tried working through Jim’s slides this week. As I didn’t have a power . . . → Read More: creative destruction

Arduino 1 blink cardboard drum

Original Goal: To make different sides of the drum display different colours

Establishment: Lights alternate in “n” patterns when tap on the “cardboard made drum”

Process I had fun playing with arduino this week. Getting the switch and the light to work wasn’t as challenging as coding in Processing or Arduino, (as Kate had showed . . . → Read More: Arduino 1 blink cardboard drum

Foomo the Crab vs. the image crab

Goal: Initial goal: to make the crab blow out dots where the dots create an image, like the pointillism example in 15-4 Compromised Goal: to make the crab eat the pointillistic dots of the image, so the crab can have a competition with the development of the image (example from 15-14).

Process in completing the . . . → Read More: Foomo the Crab vs. the image crab

Crab with Arrays and Functions

Here is the Code

Complete Code:

Working Code (with problem):

Goal for last week: My Goal for Assignment 3 was to 1. make the crab moves side ways accordingly to the body structure 2. using arrays and functions to clean up and organize the code; 3. to create a claw that interacts with mouse . . . → Read More: Crab with Arrays and Functions

Assignment 2 Conditionals and Loops

Learning conditions and loops were very interesting for me, as I get to involve more interactions with if and else statements. I do find ‘for loops’ easier to code than ‘while loops’. For this week I have decided to create another creature that is more symmetrical than the last one, so it is easier to . . . → Read More: Assignment 2 Conditionals and Loops

Week 1 Processing

Reading through the textbook step by step was refreshing, as I can really examine the details and understand each step of the code. These are things that I would like to work on, but did not have the chance to do. The learning curve is great; it reminds me of the time when I learned . . . → Read More: Week 1 Processing