Protected: Final Project Proposal

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Protected: USB Keypad

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Week 6 /Motors and Transistors

Went back today to rebuild this experiment and discovered why it had been a problem for me in the 1st place. You’ll notice I have put an LED across the positive and negative lines just assure me that I have a circuit. This is part of my diagnostics from trying to figure out what the . . . → Read More: Week 6 /Motors and Transistors

Week 8 Serial Example/D. Lloyd Gray

This original plan was to read a script that would activate an LED or a buzzer attached to an Arduino based on the location of a GUI slider in processing. This was more involved than I had anticipated; I instead modified the SimpleWrite example from Arduino to address the buzzer and LED based on the . . . → Read More: Week 8 Serial Example/D. Lloyd Gray

Week7/Motors and Stoplights

This has been the week of the stuff that I almost made. I started to make a specialised keyword design and then realized it was too large for a single week project. I then thought it’d be fun to make a clapper. However I only have the electret microphone and not the amplifier that would . . . → Read More: Week7/Motors and Stoplights

Week 5/ Early Arduino Work and Switch Experiments

I enjoyed the Arduino exercises. Went together easily, and I had lots of time to look at how to add more inputs and outputs. The delay function from the blink example also went in without trouble.

I played with the circuit , and did things like changing the normal state of the switch, and when . . . → Read More: Week 5/ Early Arduino Work and Switch Experiments

Week 4

I gave Kate a CD of my Video and Image work, as it wasn’t showing up in Open Processing(the last time I saw it it was in her laptop. If it’s lost, I can email a copy to you.)There are 4 examples: a reworking of the brightness mirror, an example that controls the posterize filter . . . → Read More: Week 4

Assignment 3: Chapter 7 & 9

It’s been a hard slog this week.

Functions were something I had been waiting for, because when you’re used to building your code in modules, it’s a pain when you have to build code as a unit. So that was good. Those examples went quickly.

However, Shiffman’s examples for Arrays are complex, and don’t address . . . → Read More: Assignment 3: Chapter 7 & 9


I’m getting this up a little late (3PM Thursday) as the piece I wanted to post was still mostly pseudocode. last night. I got it finished this morning, though…it’s the challenge exercise at the end of the Loop section (produce a grid of random-coloured squares.) ( I used a “while” rather than “for” loop.

While . . . → Read More:

Lloyd/ 1st Week

I’ve worked through the first three chapters, and still marvel at not having to compile my code. (I also when to press the “Enter” button to run a program, instead of “command R”; old habits die hard.) My programming background is in Lingo, Macromedia Director’s scripting language, and the content of these first three chapters . . . → Read More: Lloyd/ 1st Week