Final Project Documentation: “Global IceCubes”

“Global IceCubes” in its demo/final project form, was an installation where the user could enjoy a relaxing drink of scotch on the rocks…however, after the first sip is taken, the visitor watches their ice cubes quickly melt (more quickly than they would normally expect). They were able to slow the melting process by talking to . . . → Read More: Final Project Documentation: “Global IceCubes”

Final Project Proposal

I ended up working through two project ideas. I will do a bit more testing and research this week before deciding on which one I will take forward.

The first idea is called, for now, “Global IceCube”:

Proposal: Global IceCube

Global IceCube is an installation where the visitor can enjoy a relaxing drink . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal

Week 8: Arduino & Processing

Potentiometer controls Processing sketch

Combining Arduino and Processing for the first time this week, I wanted to play around with the idea of a user being able to manipulate a digital representation of themselves using their own hands (via Arduino’s analog inputs).

I decided to go back to my array of bouncing balls. I . . . → Read More: Week 8: Arduino & Processing

Cool project: brainwaves

I stumbled across this and thought it might be of interest. Some of you may have seen it already (Mark and Ryan?)…others might be wowed by the latest in neurotechnology: “the Emotiv EPOC is a revolutionary, new personal interface for human computer interaction.”

TED Talk: Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves

If you . . . → Read More: Cool project: brainwaves

Week 7 Assignment (Analog Arduino)

After going through the exercises I tackled the final assignment for this week: using a sensor(s) to respond differently to varying conditions.

I ended up working through two ideas. Both were partially successful (which, using the New Math, equals one successful final assignment for the week). I decided to pull the plug on the first . . . → Read More: Week 7 Assignment (Analog Arduino)

Cool project +

I came across this collaboration between Chris Milk (Wilderness Dowtown) and Arcade Fire and thought it was relevant to this class (not to mention pretty cool).

Hope you enjoy.

I also thought this interview with Tom Waits would be interesting. It’s about music, but really it’s about the creative process and he has an . . . → Read More: Cool project +

Arduino Motor Control

After figuring out that a 1K resistor was the problem (I needed a 10K), I got the motor working. Tip of the hat to Marc for volunteering to take a look and run my code on his circuit — it worked, pointing to my circuit as the issue.

Ultimately I want to experiment with some . . . → Read More: Arduino Motor Control

Week 5 Assignment

This week reminded me of the first week of Processing where creating a simple geometric creature and making it move was an accomplishment (and one I probably took more pleasure in than I probably should have). Diving into Arduino for the first time — anything electronics/electrical for that matter — felt similar.

For the switch . . . → Read More: Week 5 Assignment

Week 4 Assignments

Well, here are some of my machinations and results for the main exercises in this week’s chapters.

Software Mirror Exercise:

For this one I wanted to have a live video image of the user translated (mapped onto) an array of randomly moving objects, and so I brought my array of bouncing balls into the video . . . → Read More: Week 4 Assignments

Week 3 Final Project

Well, this has all been a work-in-progress, but this week even more so.

My intent has met Arrays and arrays have bended my initial ideas to their will — there is a result (which I kind of like), but I’d be lying if I said it’s what I originally mapped out.

You can check out . . . → Read More: Week 3 Final Project