Weather Projection – Faysal, Shino and Cathy


Talking about the weather, is always a good way to start off a conversation! After we collected some sensors that can measure the outside conditions, we decided to combine them and build a weather station! From projecting sensor controlled drawings onto a wall, to having projections on a canvas with windmills on it, we . . . → Read More: Weather Projection – Faysal, Shino and Cathy

Final Project Proposal – Faysal, Shino and Cathy

1. Concept

We wanted to work on a project that was practical, a device that would be used on a daily basis. As a result, with all the sensors that we had access to, the idea of creating a little weather station came up. Weather applications and widgets are widely used and forecast . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal – Faysal, Shino and Cathy

LEDs flashing to the Beat! #8

For this week’s assignment combining Arduino and Processing, I found a really cool link that teaches you how to make your LED ligts to blink to the beat of a song.

So, First I built my Arduino circuit, using 3 LEDs (a red one, a green one, and a yellow one). I added 330 resistors . . . → Read More: LEDs flashing to the Beat! #8

Arduino Assignment #7

Since Halloween is getting closer, I thought of experimenting with some Halloween decoration.

Instead of a pumpkin I got an orange juice box. I poked 3 holes in the box, 2 for the eyes and one for the mouth.

The eyes were LED lights and the mouth was a small buzzer.

Every time the lights . . . → Read More: Arduino Assignment #7

Arduino Assignment #6

Still enjoying working with Arduino!

Connecting the wires and the motor was like building a small lego model 🙂 I got all the wires in place while keeping the assignment image as a reference.

I compiled the code, uploaded it to the board and………it didn’t work… So, i spent the next hour figuring out what . . . → Read More: Arduino Assignment #6

Assignment #5 Arduino

Creating a switch with Arduino was quite fun!

The switch I created functions when a penny is dropped or inserted in the donation box. (that I made out of paper).

For the code, I took the existing blinking code and added another blinking LED light on pin 12 to make 2 blinking LEDs instead of . . . → Read More: Assignment #5 Arduino

Assignment #4

Chapters 15 and 16 were quite fun. Going through the examples and changing in the code produced some nice effects!

Starting with images, I thought it would be cool to have a stop motion animation, so I got a series of images of a horse galloping. Created an array of images so I would not . . . → Read More: Assignment #4

Assignment #3 Functions and Arrays

Although at first, it looks like not much has changed in my sketch, move the mouse and much will happen!

So, thanks to Dustin’s help, I was able to fix the problems i was facing with the eyes that were “exploding” (they are now flickering which makes the dizzy effect). Same thing with the orange . . . → Read More: Assignment #3 Functions and Arrays

Assignment #2

So, i’m back to my 4 smileys and got to animate them using variables, and conditionals.

Each one of these characters feel different… Roll over on each one, and you’ll see that:

The red guy is partying, the blue guy gets dizzy, and the orange one is quite shocked, and the green guy leaves the . . . → Read More: Assignment #2

Assignment – 01

Here’s my first assignment post!

First 3 chapters were generally easy…but coding took a lot of time!

What I did looks pretty simple, yet took forever to create!

So, I decided to try and replicate the illustration below that I picked up a while ago.

As you may have notice, my final sketch differs . . . → Read More: Assignment – 01