Final Project Documentation

Concept: The project I presented was a critique of Augmented Reality (AR) applications. The project is an iPad application that uses the live camera feed of the ipad. I am using an AR library called BazAR ( that functions as object detection in the application. The idea is to build a library of everyday objects . . . → Read More: Final Project Documentation

AR Project Proposal

Concept: I am proposing to write software that will use live camera tracking and function as an Augmented Reality application.

I am interested in using location data and adding layers on the screen about a specific location, which will allow a person to learn about specific pieces of information about that area. The idea is . . . → Read More: AR Project Proposal

Assignment 6: Motor

The motor exercise I used a potentiometer as an input. I controlled the delay times between HIGH and LOW for the motor output based on the potentiometer values. At very low delay times, it almost steps.

Here is the code:

and a video:


. . . → Read More: Assignment 6: Motor

Assignment 7: Sensor (Photocell and Buzzer)

I used a photocell as control for the speed of pulses a buzzer creates. I mapped the incoming photocell values to a range that could then be used as the amount of delay between seting pin 7 HIGH and LOW (range was 50 millis to 300 millis). This allowed for adjusting the speed of pulses . . . → Read More: Assignment 7: Sensor (Photocell and Buzzer)

Assingment 8: Arduino and Processing (Serial)

I wanted to use one sensor to control two sets of data within processing. I decided to use the potentiometer, and send this data serial to processing. I wrote a processing sketch that would map the pot values between 0 and 5 to control which image filter is applied to a live video stream. I . . . → Read More: Assingment 8: Arduino and Processing (Serial)

Assignment 5: Arduino Switch

For this assignment I wanted to mimic a pendulum that would act as a switch. I had one end of the switch (series of paperclips) attached to pin 13 of the arduino. The other side was a series of paperclips with a ruler on the end. I didn’t have any metallic ball so I used . . . → Read More: Assignment 5: Arduino Switch

Assignment 4: Video tracking

I’ve worked with video tracking before and understand the examples in chapter 16, so I just wanted to go back and play with image buffering. The program i wrote uses a camera to capture PImage into frames (up to 25 frames in an array).

Im just cycling through the images in the image buffer, . . . → Read More: Assignment 4: Video tracking

Assignment 3

I decided to play with pixel data and microphone input. The applet version doesn’t seem to work, i think because of the minim library not working from within web browsers. Moving the mouse horizontally will crossfade between the two images. The microphone input (loudness) affects how the pixels are extruded outwards.

Here is the code . . . → Read More: Assignment 3

Assignment 1

I forgot how good the Shiffman book reads. I just decided to work with conditionals to make a very simple interactive piece that only draws one type of graphic – a circle – in various ways. As you move the mouse around the screen – it will perform different functions that display one of the . . . → Read More: Assignment 1

My Name is Frank

Im in the IAMD program at OCAD, in my second year. My focus is in interactive media. I have a BFA in Computation Arts from Concordia University. The last work I created was a collaboration with David Han titled Symbiotic Shadow System ( We showed the work at the Sight & Sound 3 at . . . → Read More: My Name is Frank