Interactive Digital Tree by Harjot

Hello everyone! Great to see everybody’s final projects showcased during the final class. Definitely a successful finale for the class.


As mentioned in my proposal post I decided to formulate a thesis topic that suited my interests and what I hope to explore in greater detail within a two-year timeframe.

In my thesis work, . . . → Read More: Interactive Digital Tree by Harjot

Final Project Proposal: Living Tree


For the final project I found it particularly important to draw a relation to what could be my final thesis for this master’s program in the not-so-distant future. Because of this, I needed to formulate a written thesis of some kind, as opposed to consulting the ambiguous amalgamation of loosely related ideas that float . . . → Read More: Final Project Proposal: Living Tree

Assignment 8: Arduino meets Processing

I really enjoyed playing with both Arduino and Processing this week! I’m excited to get on with the final project as I am envisioning all sorts of creative possibilities.

Anyhow, this week I tried to follow the class slides but found it all a bit confusing, so I took to the internet and was pleasantly . . . → Read More: Assignment 8: Arduino meets Processing

Arduino & Processing used in Affective Computing

I thought I’d post a link to a really interesting project which uses human emotion as an input! This shows some of the abilities of Processing and Arduino which we have not yet unearthed.

Assignment 7: Analog Lab

Using the potentiometer and photo resistor this time was a nice way gain control over elements like the LEDS and the buzzer. For me, however, it took a while to reach a point of satisfaction with my Arduino setup as some of my components were weak and needed constant readjusting…I should really solder some of . . . → Read More: Assignment 7: Analog Lab

Assignment 6: Electronics Lab – “Let there be wind”

So this week started out a bit rough because the crappy wiring on the motor loosened and fell off. It took a while for me to rewire the motor but I finally got it working.

Following the electronics lab was pretty easy and I noticed that switching the connections of the motor wires simply reverses . . . → Read More: Assignment 6: Electronics Lab – “Let there be wind”

Assignment 5: OPERATION

This week it was really interesting to work with the Arduino hardware.

I found myself amidst a creative dry spell and so I decided to recreate a game that often frustrated me as a child.

Remember “OPERATION”?

(Yes, it’s the one with the oddly rounded, fully naked man lacking genitalia.)

Basically, I used the . . . → Read More: Assignment 5: OPERATION

Don’t forget to save!

Hey guys!

Upon visiting some of your sketches hosted at, the website asks users to confirm whether they would like to save your project (based on a preview). Some of you are posting that preview confirmation link in your blog posts, instead of the final link provided to you once you confirm. I have . . . → Read More: Don’t forget to save!

Assignment 4: Learning Processing Chapters 11, 12, 15, & 16

Hello again everyone!

I thought this week would be super tough, but to my surprise I found the material really easy to get through. This is probably because we’ve learned the basics and now it’s all about application. So this week I took my series of ‘Fraag the Frog’ sketches to the next level through . . . → Read More: Assignment 4: Learning Processing Chapters 11, 12, 15, & 16

Assignment 3: Learning Processing Chapters 7 & 9

Another week of Processing and I feel like I’m learning A LOT. Last week was intense but I got through it well I think. This week I’m hoping my ‘FRAAG the Frog’ sketch will really enhance in proportion to the material learned. You’ll also notice the code for my project is much more organized.

Exercise . . . → Read More: Assignment 3: Learning Processing Chapters 7 & 9