Final Post!

I’m pleased with how the electronic etch-a-sketch worked out. It is amazing how complicated even the simplest projects can be – there were lots of things to trouble shoot along the way. One thing helped a lot to simplify my code. Jim suggested that I import the standard firmata library and use processing to read . . . → Read More: Final Post!

Testing Testing…

Setting up the potentiometers to control the horizontal and vertical lines is fairly basic and should be relatively simple but will take you thru my odyssey nevertheless.

Test 1: I used the Arduino code from the Graphing a Sensor lab and proceeded to over-engineer it. In the Dimmer lab, I was unhappy that the potentiometer . . . → Read More: Testing Testing…

Final Assignment Proposal

For my final project, I want to push myself to learn more about Processing or at least really reinforce what I should already know. So with this as the goal,the emphasis will likely be on engaging the user with a screen interaction. For inspiration, I looked to some of the well known games that have . . . → Read More: Final Assignment Proposal

Assignment 8 – Serial Communication Lab

Working thru the lab – I had no problem with graphing my potentiometer. Then switched it up using a photo sensor. The hardest part of this one was using my left hand to change the light reading while doing an image capture with my right hand. The graph illustrates a rapid tapping of the sensor . . . → Read More: Assignment 8 – Serial Communication Lab

helping the visually impaired

thought this was really interesting – some Penn State students design wearable technology to aid the visually impaired:

Assignment 7

The lab was easy to follow and I am grateful for that (thanks Kate). The only snafu was with the potentiometer – ours doesn’t look like the pic. I know this was pointed out in class but I still forgot. That I could still figure this out was a great confidence boost. So here it . . . → Read More: Assignment 7

Assignment 06

Another week – another failure. I think it might have something to do with the resistor I chose. First I tried a 1K (guessing the colour bands). That didn’t work so the next best guess was 100K. It made a bit of noise but only for a couple of seconds and then ‘nuthin’.

Can anyone . . . → Read More: Assignment 06

Assignment 5

Right off, I admit electronics intimidate me. It is all so foreign. However the lab was fairly simple and got me used to using the basic tools and working with wire. I didn’t buy enough colours – only had the red and black on-hand so the transmit and receive paths are not clear. But . . . → Read More: Assignment 5

Week 4 … more imagery

The example of random drawing of a video image was very cool. I wanted to try this same technique using a still image. I did this digital finger painting of my little dog and like how the sketch renders it more abstractly. Next I am going to figure out how to simply redraw it with . . . → Read More: Week 4 … more imagery

Week 4 – images

Plodding along… but enjoyed playing with images. I just tried a couple of exercises from the text and changed them up a bit. I really can’t figure out why my bug flies away when it returns to the left side of the screen. Is it obvious to everyone but me?…


PImage bug; . . . → Read More: Week 4 – images