Generative Harp… and Robo Music Box.




I set out to create a sensor based version of my WEEK 3 experiment using light sensors. The objective was to produce a generative music instrument, like a wind chime, that would play a 9 note melody I had written. Ideally, such an instrument would be passive, set up as . . . → Read More: Generative Harp… and Robo Music Box.

Idea Tree: 3 Final Project Branches

I was never totally satisfied with my week 3 processing sketch, titled Elastic String(s). Though it worked, the physics were off (especially on the Y axis) and the control mechanism was kind of clumsy. I’ve spent the weeks since thinking about what I would do to fully realize the sketch… and ultimately thinking about what . . . → Read More: Idea Tree: 3 Final Project Branches

Hoops (Processing + Arduino)









I decided to make a controller that would draw circles which would then distort randomly.

The controller creates an instance of a Hoop by switching the toggle to on. A circle appears. By turning the large POT (10k) you control the size of the circle . . . → Read More: Hoops (Processing + Arduino)

3 different light sensors…









This week I decided to try to understand the differences between 3 different light sensors.

1 – Photoresistor or LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)

2 – Ambient Light Sensor (TEMT6000)

3 – Light Intensity to Frequency IC (TSL230R)

I combined the code from the two bildr tutorials . . . → Read More: 3 different light sensors…

DC motor w/ Potentiometer and Switch control










I found the motor to be a rather fickle device… I many times thought I had it properly wired only to get no response. So cold. However, I did eventually manage to take it for a spin.

After ensuring it was a fully functioning . . . → Read More: DC motor w/ Potentiometer and Switch control

Zipper Alarm

With my unique switch, I tried to make an alarm that would warn you when you were flying low. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as I had hoped because the zipper mechanism would have to pass over any wires I had hooked up to the rails (are they called rails? I’m calling them rails). . . . → Read More: Zipper Alarm

Arduino Documentary

Here’s a great doc about Arduino… from its creation to its adoption as the microprocessor of choice for creative types… some great examples of projects and products made with Adruino too.

Video Blending

















So this week I tried to create a sketch that would combine webcam video with drawn elements using a blend mode. I also wanted to write code that used functions that returned values as well as custom objects.

. . . → Read More: Video Blending



My intended goal this week was to create a dynamic elastic; I wanted to make a band that could be stretched… and after being released… would dance a bit before eventually returning to its original form.

I approached the idea by first stripping the concept down to its most basic form… . . . → Read More: ELASTIC STRING(S)

CHEAP, FAT and OPEN (arduino based open source hardware)

I was reminded of a piece of open source hardware when Kate mentioned the nature of the conference she attended. It’s called CHEAP FAT and OPEN and is a micro synthesizer. I randomly met the designer in Copenhagen while he was in the process of preparing the final circuit board schematic in his workshop. His . . . → Read More: CHEAP, FAT and OPEN (arduino based open source hardware)