final _ the code — three concepts for chimes + plus a bonus

I chose to work with the headset’s “Meditation” values — the idea of meditation, or relaxation, seemed to fit nicely with wind chimes. I experimented with three different scenarios. Here they are, along with the code.

1) meditation by quintiles.

Meditation values are delivered to the Arduino on a scale of 0-100. There are 6 . . . → Read More: final _ the code — three concepts for chimes + plus a bonus

final _ hello wind chime

with sticky felt and I started looking for alternatives —

i have always loved wind chimes …

– they are known to being goodluck and ward eveil spirits off.

– more practically (?) wind chimes can be used to observe changes in wind direction. but in this case, they can be used to signal changes . . . → Read More: final _ hello wind chime

final _ EEG (and PWM)

After success with the muscle wire circuit, I experimented a little. Nitinol is tough to work with – and now I know why Berzowska et al at Concordia went out of their way to get Nitinol with a 60C transition temperature.

At 70C, it singes the felt and sticks to its surface.

Regardless, I decided . . . → Read More: final _ EEG (and PWM)

final_felt petals

just a quick FYI … I started making flower petals and sowing muscle wire into them.


final_1st felt experiment

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a quick muscle wire experiment


final_ PWM/Nitinol circuit – success!

*big thanks to Jim Ruxton for help with the PWM/Nitinol circuit.

**PS Jim, I could not find an IRL530 – but the IRF530 seems to work fine.


Step two was hooking a piece of Memory Wire up to an Arduino.

A very helpful read was the MIT PhD thesis of Marcelo Coelho, who worked . . . → Read More: final_ PWM/Nitinol circuit – success!

final _ nitinol_1 (ad hock experiment)

I received my .008″ diameter muscle wire; I thought a quick first experiment would be fun — I mean, does it actually work?


so I wrapped the wire around a screw, heated it up with a blow torch and then cooled.

then I deformed the wire (stretched it out) and threw it . . . → Read More: final _ nitinol_1 (ad hock experiment)

final project _ interactive lotus flower

my project is inspired by a beautiful kinetic electronic flower – kukkia -I discovered while filming a documentary a few years ago in Montreal (props to Marc de Pape for archiving the project).


…the Kukkia flower is kinetic and animated …

…however, it is not responsive or . . . → Read More: final project _ interactive lotus flower

Serial Lab

lots of fun working through the tutorials:

I changed the look of the graph, adding colour, limiting the scope of the bars movements, and a smoothing function (not sure that is working)…



I went through the tutorials _ priting the table of characters and ASCII values was OK….

using two . . . → Read More: Serial Lab

Assignment 7 – PWM

I enjoyed the analog lab. simple experiments that open up fantastic possibilities.


I chose to experiment with PWM, because I will be applying it in my final project.

Simply, I used a light sensor to switch in between two LEDs. Depending on the lighting conditions, one of two LEDs will pulse . . . → Read More: Assignment 7 – PWM